Mother of Perl is an amazingly strong and durable boat. Her beauty is in her fine classic lines, her impressive strength, and her ability to sail in any ocean in the world. She is striking to see with her blue hull, white topside, and red sails.

We have sailed Mother of Perl in the Baltic Sea, through the archepelagos of Finland, Sweeden, and Denmark, in the North Sea, in Frisian Islands of Germany and the Netherlands, along the "mast up route" of the Dutch canals, across the English Channel, along the southern coast of England, out into the Atlantic to the Canaries, and across the Atlantic to the Caribbean. Eventually, after seven years in the warm blue waters from the Grenadines to Puerto Rico, we sailed her through calms, and storms, and the dramatic contrasts of the Gulf Stream north in the Atlantic to Bermuda and then Cape Cod and New Hampshire. We have been becalmed 300 miles off of Portugal (and many other places), in gales and full fledged storms with 50-knot winds and 20-foot chaotic seas. We seen rainbows, aurora, volcanoes, shooting stars, and even the green flash. We have used her has our only home, and as our vacation home which could be anywhere, absolutely anywhere there is ocean on this planet.

Mother of Perl is 15 meters (45 1/2 foot) on deck and 17 meters LOA. The hull is constructed of hefty 6-millimeter steel. Her topsides are of 4-millimeter steel. With a 5 meter (15 1/2 foot) beam, she is stiff but does not slam in seas. Even in storm seas, she is safe, steady, and easy to handle. When it is unwise to carry any sail at all, the 80-hp Perkins auxilary engine keeps her in control.

Five tons of scrap locomotive parts set in concrete are the ballast in the sharply chined full length keel and skeg. The armor plated keel keeps heeling angle to no more 15-degrees and protects the boat from things that may bump from below (whales, submerged containers, uncharted rocks). There is nothing like the surety that your boat will be safe in any situation.

The center cockpit is space for dining and comfortable seating for companionship while standing watch on deck. She has a comfortable aft stateroom, and midship "pilot's cabin," which, with their own head, make for a private "owner's suite." Twin cabins are forward of bright and spacious saloon. There is a wide chart table, a galley designed for two working side by side, and a forward head serving These more public spaces. There is also an interior steering station with a ship's bridge visibility and navigational systems. Mechanical maintenance is easy because the engine/mechanical room and shop has full standing height. There is volumous storage in cabinets in every cabin and below the cabin sole.

Mother of Perl has been our home, our yacht, our refuge, and our insurance against uncertain times and politics. We have entertained old friends and met many, many new friends everywhere we have traveled. She is a good boat and has been an important part of what makes our family.

These web pages describe the history of Mother of Perl, her design and building, and a photo collection and log of the places we have been with her. They also explain why she is now for sale.